I am a professional Artist formally trained in Fine Art at the University of KZN, majoring in Painting and Drawing. 
For me starting a painting is about bringing something from inside my mind into the real world. It is a process which happens instinctively. I am not even slightly analytical and live my life intuitively. Each painting is different and starts out with a different intention. Some, like the ballet paintings, are meant to celebrate the wonder, beauty and strength of ballet dancers and dance. Others, like my abstracts, start out as a need to create something out of certain colours and then evolve into unique pieces that just seem right at the time. I have found that a lot of my abstracts become Urban Landscapes and I have started incorporating sewn shapes and constructs into them to make them slightly 3 dimensional. I love painting abstracts. Although they seem to have no constraints, the actual process requires intense step by step decisions which can change the entire painting. Some can be disastrous! But always something unique is born. 
The human face is also something which I love to explore. Portraying emotion through colour and shapes is exhilarating and always a challenge. 
I hope I have given you some idea of how I work as it is hard for me to put into words what happens when I paint instinctively with colour and brush strokes. I would like my paintings to stand alone without any explanation from me about them. They should become what you imagine them to be in your own mind. Love them for the unique creations they are. Paintings which require elaborate explanations to be understood are, in my opinion, more literature than visual art
I give private Art lessons to adults and children from my studio and love the opportunity this gives me to spread and encourage creativity in the world. Link to By Believing One Sees is


My paintings are uploaded regularly onto my web site and I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I did creating them. Please feel free to give me feedback or any thoughts you may have. 
All paintings are for sale online. Buy an original art work and support South African artists!