About Me

About Me

I am a South African Artist living in Portugal

My style of painting is varied as I find it impossible to stick to one style for very long. I have a few methods of using paint and continue to learn and grow (I hope!) with each painting. I paint in Acrylic and use sponges, large brushes, sometimes drips and splashes - especially on Abstracts which I LOVE painting. 

Portraits are a fascination of mine and I choose to paint faces a lot. Also Ballet as I have always been fascinated by the grace, strength and beauty of Ballet dancers. They are just amazing.

Then, of course, I do commissions. I can't lie and say I always enjoy doing them - unless I am given free rein. Then they are a pleasure. 

I recently held an exhibition at Albuquerque Lima Gallery in Coimbra and was delighted at the positive response I received at this, my first exposure to the European art scene. 

Please feel free to view my Portfolio. Contact me to find out which work is currently available.

Bev Smith Martin